Need for poetry in life

An Apology For Shakespeare is a humble attempt to show that there is a need of awareness about Poetry in our life. Study of poetry and its manifold forms need to be encouraged. It voices against the negative and indifferent attitude to virtues and good qualities. This book aims to create a conscience among the people about the vanishing values and ideals from many of us. The study of classics is significant in this end as they provide much knowledge and wisdom and have grave and serious themes. If you meet William Shakespeare all of a sudden, unexpectedly, infront of you and he is ready to talk to you, what all topics would be coming up on? The author addresses William Shakespeare whom he considers to be one of the greatest poet of all time, He seeks help to counter the vices and he expresses his weaknesses to do the same. He tells many topics to the great Master of Arts.

“It’s obvious that Satan’s attempts to rear his ugly have worked,” admits the author. “But classic literature, especially poetry, can directly counter this evil. The problem is that people need to embrace it.”

Continuing, “My new book makes this clear, while attempting to defend poetry for all it is worth. It’s a bold challenge but I’m confident we’ll triumph.”

The book has been heavily praised. Bangalore’s Mr. Linson Jose provided the foreword. He writes, ‘’An Apology For Shakespeare’’ may be the most significant attempt to deal with the poetical art and can be considered to be a very very rare critical document in the present age language and literature . The style adopted here is very simple but highly deceptive, treacherous and allegorical. It is revealing the complexities of a human soul with Heaven, Hell, Death, life etc… and guides us how we can master life, death and life after death.”

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