An Apology For Shakespeare

An extra ordinary bold attempt, a high caliber significant milestone in the history of our language and literature, to defend poetry and its manifold forms in the present age of 21st century. It is a visionary’s revelation and a reminder on the loss of tender human feelings and the ability to appreciate a meaningful life .God’s presence and existence in the universe is asserted .This work voices against the negative and indifferent attitude of people towards the virtues and good qualities in human life. Satan’s attempt in various forms to influence the mankind and the degree of his success is vividly shown. It creates an awareness of the vanishing values and ideals from the life of this generation. The ignorance of the present age generation how to build up a meaningful life is unfolded .It is an attempt to teach the Mankind how one can inspire others and live for the welfare of the fellow beings.  It clearly shows the need of practicing universal fraternity and a call for the survival of human sympathy for the inner growth.

It is quite shocking and surprising and perhaps the third in its kind after Sidney’s Apology for Poetry and Shelly’s Defence. While Sidney and Shelly in their defences deal with the poetical art with reason, intellect and imagination theoretically and practically, the author here passionately deals with the poetical art poetically, aesthetically and philosophically with a sense of strong human feelings and emotions,the actual soul of poetry itself. He represents an unfortunate generation which is totally deprived of the benefits of actual serious poetry.

The name Shakespeare  refers to poetry as a whole  in its wide sense. The greatest master refers to William Shakespeare  whom the author considers  to be one of the greatest  poets of all time. The master at certain places in this text refers to a great teacher of Indian philosophy namely  Guru Nitya Chithanya Yathy who influenced,  inspired  the author very much  in his life. The pretty  female  refers to none but the simple poetry with its different forms which can teach and amuse generations to come. The pronouns ‘I’ and ‘me’ stands for the author and symbolizes a hapless generation which stands badly in need of virtues and noble ideals, as if those qualities are totally forbidden for it.

It emphasizes the need of  learning classic books of literature with serious themes. It   describes how the human mind is perverted  in so many  ways from the Good to Evil.  The relevance of the learning about self in a short span of human life is brought forward. . It is an attempt to show the different colours  of the human mind to be or not to be with the goodness and its inability  and delusion and doubt to make a correct  judgement on different complex  situations in life. The work is an interpretation of the age and time and shows the ways   to be immortal with goodness. It is much thought provoking  on the infallible power of human imagination simultaneously powerful to contribute  meaningful corrections  and guidance  to the uncontrolled  human mind and intellect .

‘’An Apology For Shakespeare’’  may be the most significant attempt to deal with the poetical  art and can be considered to be a very  very  rare  critical document in the present age language and literature . The style adopted here  is very simple but highly deceptive,  treacherous and allegorical. It is revealing the complexities  of a human soul with Heaven, Hell, Death, life etc… and guides us how we can master life, death and life after death. It is amusing  and instructing  at large  and in a sense  unfit for light reading. . It might be, we  fear the last and final form of defence  of poetry and it is more philosophical , visionary, subjective  and poetical than theoretical and practical, in its theme; rough  and tough in the treatment and  approach. The work on this title had been  completed by 1995 and it took 20 long years  to come to light .Yati  commented on it in 1995,  ‘’ A rapid  of fiery golden lava   rushing down the gorges , studded with dark granite heights never scaled by any one’’….. . ‘’Snake like hands of ancient trees which suggests  the  treacherous  path of Dante when he made his reckless  climb  through the jungle, that was for ages, blind folded, the eyes of humanity, from the Inferno……”

It is my privilege  and pleasure to write foreword  to this book .I wish you all the readers  best of luck to be amused and instructed for a life time .

Mr.Linson Jose, M A,

Co-ordinator, IGCSE,


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