s a josephS.A.JOSEPH was born on 25.05.1971.He was the fifth child of Mr.A.M.JOSEPH and Mrs.V.C.ALEYKUTTY. They are from a lower middle class farmer’s family of PAYYAVOOR village, Cannanore Distt, Kerala state, India. He did his schooling at SACRED HEART HIGH SCHOOL, Payyavoor, Cannanore. 

He is a  seasoned teacher, administrator, author has a vast practical experience of more than 2 decades in the field of quality teaching and school administration. He is an expert, high caliber professional, in curriculum development, and implementation of standardization across national and international boards. His passion goes beyond academics into developing the overall personality development of children through life skill training, indoor and outdoor programs. His strength lies in the virtues of humanity and he has proved to be a real master of the art of high quality school administration. Achievers in life, according to him, are not born accidently but they are made by the educators and mentors with proper planning and care. Working with some of the finest and well known schools in the country like St. Mary’s Covent, Little Flower Covent, Guru RamDas Academy and St. Josephs, he has gained most of his caliber, quality and vision. His clear cut vision is to make the school education for all of his students a meaningful and enjoyable life long experience in their life. His point of view is that Education is not received but it is to be achieved by the hard work and willpower of students teachers and parents.

After all, it is to his credit ‘An Apology for Shakespeare’, the latest defense of poetry in English language and literature. His work is the third defense of poetry in the English language& Literature after Sir Philip Sidney and P.B. Shelly who composed the earlier defenses. The world still stands miserably in need of defense of virtues and good qualities through poetry. This theme has been well brought forward by him as an author. His work is a well appreciated book all over the world.

He did his schooling from Sacred Heart convent school. He completed his Pre-degree from S.H. mount monastery kottayam. He did his graduation studies from Payyanur College, Payyanur, Cannanore, Kerala.

He is a Post Graduate in English with a teaching degree in Education. He is also a Post Graduate Diploma holder, (2 years MBA) Management from IIHM Khanna. His wife is Mrs. Minimol K.I, MA. B.Ed and the couple is blessed with children master Milan Shaji & Miss Sonal Shaji. He is basically from Payyavoorvillage, Cannanore Dist. Kerala State, India.

Debutant Indian poet S.A.Joseph’s first published anthology “An Apology for Shakespeare” has been receiving rave reviews from critics across the country. Lauding the need for Poetry in our lives, the Kerala-born writer strikes the right cord with his fantastic introductory effort. Insightful and unforgettable, “An Apology for Shakespeare”, captures Joseph’s urge to create a conscience among the people to reject negativity from lives and choose good qualities. With the changing times, the ups and downs of human experience and the quest for self-discovery, the poet, in his humble attempt, tries to make people understand what poetry is to life.

S.A. Joseph poses a pertinent and hugely thought-provoking question; if you suddenly bumped into William Shakespeare, what would you talk about? It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to conclude that most don’t enough about the great master’s work to even be able to hold a basic conversation with him.