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Poetry is life, Poetry is truth, Poetry is language of heart, Poetry is eternal music, Poetry is frosted fire. Without poetry the life would be a floundering one. In this age of electronics when we are slowly losing humanity and life, here comes a book of poetry which could shake us to the core. Tenanted poet S. A. Joseph’s new book An Apology For Shakespeare comes in the right place at a right time. In his humble attempt S. A. Joseph tried to tell what poetry is to life. Most of the poems are written in very easy language so that the readers easily can connect with the poet and his thoughts. The most intriguing part of the anthology is when the poet meets William Shakespeare in his dreams. So what will you do if you suddenly meet William Shakespeare, one of the greatest poets of history of mankind and he is ready to talk to you? Read the book to find out the fascinating conversations between poet S. A. Joseph and William Shakespeare.